VOC complaint un-du formulaNew VOC Compliant un-du Remover Provides Easy Removal For Self-Adhesive Products, Tapes, Labels, Adhesive Gunk, Grease, Oils And Gum.

The new VOC compliant un-du formula meets VOC compliance regulations and keeps its ability to easily remove self-adhesive glues, products containing self-adhesive and remnant adhesive gunk. un-du provides quick and easy removal in hundreds applications and does not leave behind an oily/greasy mess to clean up.

Ideal uses for un-du include janitorial, automotive, industrial and manufacturing, stamp collecting and archival, art and scrap booking, and photo removal, and all applications where self-sticking adhesive products need removal without damaging the surface. un-du is acid free and quickly evaporates without leaving behind a greasy mess and no cleanup.

The "all-in-one" patented removal system neutralizes adhesives to allow easy and complete removal. An additional benefit of un-du is that it temporarily neutralizes the sticky adhesive, and once dried, the tape or label maybe reapplied elsewhere.

un-du® is also ideal to use to remove ordinary oil stains, candle wax, tar, goo, gum, tree sap, finger print oils, crayons, and lip balms. un-du VOC formula is available in a 4oz bottle and comes with convenient, attached scraper tool.

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un-du® is a registered trademark of un-du Products, Inc.
un-du® is a patented removal system