un-du® Remover For Oil and Greaseun-du® Remover Is Ideal For Oil Clean Up, Spot Degreasing, And General Clean Up For Machine Equipment, Bearings, Conveyors And More.

Now, easily remove contaminants such as machine oils, lubricants, grease, adhesive, gum, and duct tape from machine components, tools, equipment and more using un-du® remover.

For tools and metal surfaces and more, un-du® dissolves heavy oil and similar oil-based messes, or adhesive buildup without leaving a sticky residue that attracts dirt and grime. un-du® is acid free and safe to use on most surfaces including metal, plastic, cardboard, fiberglass, glass, and wood.

un-du® is a petroleum based solvent that reacts quickly to break down oils and adhesives and provides easy wipe-off where cleanup is desired. un-du® also provides residue-free evaporation and will not leave a puddle mess to contend with like other removers.

Machine shops, maintenance teams, assembly departments, janitorial personnel, and even shipping and receiving departments will benefit from all the removal solutions un-du® provides.

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